This is my entry in the Villains print series Mythos which focuses on mythology from around the world. After the final, terrible battle at Ragnarok the entire cosmos will be destroyed. The only humans who will survive this destruction are Lif ("life") and Liftrasir ("eager for life") because they hid themselves in Hodmimir's Forest, the forest that the flaming sword of the fire-giant Surt cannot destroy. There they sleep through the destruction of the earth and when they awaken, they will find the earth is green and verdant again. Lif and Liftrasir will become the progenitors of an new race of humans, and their descendants will inhabit this world.
18" x 24" screenprint. Numbered in an edition of 40. Get here from Posters and Toys
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Here I am talking about some things.
 Shirts & Destroy have unveiled a few of my new shirts. They came out nicely, and as always, they're printed on ultra comfortable  Superior Soft cotton shirts.  Check them out 
 I was honored to be asked to design a print for the French Paper Art Club in Paris as part of an official DC series celebrating Batman's 75th anniversary. It was just unveiled and available for order. 
5 color screen-print
Numbered Edition of 75
Size: 18 x 24
Certificate Of Authenticity
Officially licensed (DC Comics/Warner)

More info available on the website

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